What Scarecrows get up to!


One of the things I like about ‘blogging from a bike’ is that I can wheel silently along and disturb wild-life less than I would on foot. Clearly, I can only take a bike in certain places but trickling along at a slow pace and being able to look over hedges is rather fun and gives me a different perspective.

A couple of days ago I cycled along a section of the River Weaver; it is a route into town from the local college (Reeseheath) and I was surprised to see how amorous the ducks were. There was a lot of activity going on! They were obviously in need of privacy, for whenever I pointed the camera in their direction; they pretended they weren’t doing anything! Sheesh…teenagers hey? The seagulls were not to be out-done and lined-up on a bridge for me. There they sat, all puffed up and proud, jostling to show their ‘best sides’ and when I was just about to press the shutter for a close-up—a nearby toddler squealed his delight and away they lifted to the skies. I didn’t mind—if you can’t be joyous at three – when can you be?

The grounds of the college are lovely to pass through at any time of year. There are some magnificent trees, particularly the Cedar of Lebanon. What a girth!

We have an abundance of churches nearby and they are all-the-more visible in winter. I like catching glimpses of our heritage, especially when sunlight fleetingly lights-up their clock-faces.

The stubble-strewn fields look rather sad, but I was really cheered up when I spotted the Scare-crow doing Tai-Chi. I coughed gently and he straightened up. I think I embarrassed him, his little cheeks were beetroot. 😉