What happened in July?

Work took me up to The Lakes and for the main part I was out researching routes for Freedom Wizard and the guides we intend to produce. Our first job was to take a lovely guy called Ross up Latrigg, which as many of you will know is a relatively simple fell to access. It was a bit drizzly but it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm one bit or the enjoyment we all had…jokes, puns and laughter were the order of the day. As you can see from the pics it was overcast but nothing can be taken away from that well-known viewpoint can it?

Loughrigg features in the second half of the pics, thankfully it was a perfect day with wonderful blue skies…what I didn’t expect was to see a bride on the summit! I wonder where she got married? I’ve zoomed in on Wray Castle but I doubt it was there unless things have changed recently. The last time I visited it was a bit of an empty shell, not exactly conducive to a wedding, perhaps it is now a venue?

We walked on and left the happy party behind, headed down towards Ambleside on a quieter path with fewer people and I couldn’t help notice the regeneration. Don’t you just love how the simple plants thrive after the quarrying has stopped? How nature takes over? I wonder what it will look like in the future if left undisturbed? Perhaps completely covered in vegetation once again? Simple flowers for the bride. I like that idea.