Two or Too?

Last week I had a wonderful walk through some pretty thick snow to Angle Tarn, a delightful, serene place of spectacular scenery and just thought I’d share a few notes about my experience.

It was a Saturday, but I’m guessing the snow and ice kept many people away as I hardly saw a soul all day except for the few mentioned. I parked at Cowbridge car park which is next to Brothers Water on the A592 and did the route ‘clock-wise’, initially heading up to Boredale Hause. The path uphill was icy and spikes were needed, but before I reached the Hause, I met a man with two dogs and we stopped and chatted (like you do–walking folk are friendly folk). On parting, he wished me a good day and as I’d started moving off at that point, louder than usual, I called back, ‘You too!’

Now, I’m not really one for making noise on the fells, but as I took a couple of steps upward, I realized I was being looked at rather strangely by two people with mountain bikes…yes…in the snow…I went on to explain, I was not shouting, ‘You two!’ I was saying, ‘You too!’ to the man…who could no longer be seen and if you know the fells, you will know how easy it is for folk to disappear fast…oh and re-appear fast…usually when you’ve decided to answer nature’s call!

Sigh, I wanted a shovel…a snow shovel to dig a snow hole. A big one.

Now whether you call it madness or fitness or the exuberance of youth, I had to admire these two who carried their bikes on their shoulders through what was pretty thick snow by now, just so they could whizz down the other side of Beda Fell into Martindale.

I carried on upwards and followed the path to Angle Tarn…and what beauty awaited…now I’m stuck for words and I’m not going to try as I don’t believe there are words to describe the tranquility and the joy it gave me to sit on that glorious sunny day in total peace without anyone else around. It touched me very deeply and gave me peace in every sense of the word.

One coffee and two sandwiches later and I carried on. The snow became deeper, but people had walked before me and the sky was bright, the sun still high so I knew I had at least another couple of hours of sunlight left. Having said that, I haven’t a lot of experience of walking up mountains in snow on my own and even though I had maps and knew where I was as I had walked the route so many times in non-snowy conditions, it still entered my head, the ‘what-ifs’. But that is me and I carried on walking until I knew I could make it down to Hartsop with enough light to spare. The last photo is of me at a point where I knew I was safe and I sat admiring the snow covered Gray Crag (pictured behind me) I’m sure you know what I mean when I say I felt like I was abroad, on holiday. It was a mega lift for the spirits and comes highly recommended.

Two or Too?