Town Crier? Whisperer more like.

I cycled into Nantwich the other day and watched shoppers on the lookout for Christmas inspiration. The town felt relaxed rather than frantic and it’s one of the things I particularly like about my local town.


It’s interesting ‘blogging from a bike’, it’s like I’m invisible in my high-vis jacket. How can that be? I guess all cyclists begin to look alike: in winter we are muffled up in balaclavas and gloves, and in summer: it’s all Lycra and shades (mind you that can be winter too) and I felt unseen as I trickled along. That was fine. I like to observe—people and any other life-form that happens to take my fancy. Romance isn’t dead I see. 

In the picture of the roof, it’s almost as if the pigeons are spacing themselves to echo the decor of the building! Perhaps that’s just my weird, reflective mind? No comment needed, but I hope someone will tell me the architectural name for the frieze?



I get a lot pleasure from buildings and design as well as the natural world. Man can be so wonderfully creative and we need only to look up to see just how glorious our towns are. St Mary’s is a fine Anglican Church isn’t it? Dating from the 14th century, a number of changes have been made, particularly in the 19th century. Built of red sandstone, it is 101 feet high. Yes, I’m a mine of information, but these things are easy to Google so it is not for me to extol the virtues of our splendid church. On a personal note, whilst wanting to preserve our heritage, I do believe we need to encourage architecture of the modern age too. We have to make a statement about who we are and leave our mark on the world. I know this raises hackles for some whilst wanting to preserve the past in aspic. Pickled maybe…as there are many fine pubs where great ale is sold and one only needs to walk a short distance to visit an establishment…or six.


The shops are looking particularly fine. Well done Nantwich! There I was musing on our buildings when I caught sight of an apple tree still holding on to its fruit. Isn’t that a lovely simple sight? The blackbirds will enjoy their Christmas feast.