The Priest’s Cave

I woke up to a beautiful summer’s day and the camping grumpiness that results from a poor night’s sleep soon dissipated with the sparkling beauty of the fells before me. I was ready to go.

P1150117P1150118 P1150121

 Accompanied by my friend Shirley, we set off from the parking spot at the foot of Kirkstone Pass and walked through Sykeside Camping ground towards Hartsop Hall where I was delighted to see quite a number of House martins gathering on the roof and wires. It was a beautiful, fascinating sight to see so many wheeling and whirling and possibly enjoying the warmth as much as I was. I loved the shadows they cast on the chimney. Their presence is all too fleeting. I never want our summer visitors to leave.

P1150123 P1150124P1150126


It was becoming a very hot day and any shade was welcome. I stopped at the waterfall, rolled up my trousers and wet my buff (never a good look this…but when needs must…).


 The route up from Hartsop Hall along Dove Beck is one of the prettiest you can take on a summer’s day but it was slow-going, purely because it was becoming hotter and hotter by the moment. No complaints here.

P1150158P1150162 P1150163

Turn left at the large stone (I suspect it’s an erratic) and make your way up to the cave. I don’t know about you but I think there is something exciting about caves and I get that surge of excitement that I often feel in the Lake District. It brings out the child in me, allows me to be thrilled by nature and all its glory. More people should experience this. Maybe I should write a story about the cave?



The views from the mouth are terrific. We sat, had a bite to eat and enjoyed the views before heading on to Hart Crag. Happy Days. (Hart Crag/Hartsop above How blog to follow)