The Parting Stone…or is it?

I’ve been thinking about the title of this book recently and may change it to: A Rock & A Hard Place, but for now I’ll leave it as it is.

The following is the opening paragraph of chapter 1. I thought I’d share…


Nikki accelerated. The powerful engine ignited a buzz that ran from her toes to her neck. She floored the perforated steel pedal, relished the breathtaking force that thrust her, pinned her tight to the bucket seat. She laughed; it was almost as good as sex.

     Through her rear window she watched him grow smaller, watched him wave from the kerbside. He became a tiny man of no consequence. Disappeared. Gone.

     Zipping along, her world slipped sideways, smeared and smudged. Detail unnecessary.

     Hugging the curvature of the road, she accelerated hard. Feet switched pedals. It was an unalloyed pleasure that allowed her to forget. A stonking great engine was all she needed to transport her to another place. Anywhere. She smiled, knowing he would have admired her polished performance. Too late now.

     She inhaled. His scent still clung to her jacket. Leather. Sandalwood. Musk. She shivered. His pheromones fleeced her of sanity. It was chemical. Purely chemical. Nothing more. She turned the music up and put Marcus into perspective.