My first review!


October 3, 2016

My Copy: ARC (E-book)
Publisher: JM Moore
Published: 7th October as Paperback

The Blurb
Rucksack Tales are stories for lovers of the Lake District – particularly Wainwright fans. Some will make you wistful and yearn for the mountains, sending you into soft slumbers with dreams of crags, corries and deep dark lakes. Others will make you chuckle and long for that cup of tea in the funny little café or remind you of the ice cream you had as you watched the steamers drift by.

Quirky, fun and sometimes a little naughty, these short stories with accompanying photographs are set in Cumbria with a bonus selection at the back.

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Well, wasn’t that a book full of sweet (and naughty) little treats?

Rucksack Tales is exactly what it says on the tin – tales from walking adventurers (I presume from people wearing rucksacks!). The novel houses 21 short stories, each exploring through the Lake District with a naughty and/or dark twist.

Having only been to the Lake District once, I can’t say I know much about the place, but I definitely felt like the Rucksack Tales describes it pretty well. We’ve all been on a lovely country walk with the wind blowing your hair and your nose turning red from the chill; to me that’s a perfect Autumn activity – I’m sure you’ll all have an experience that you can relate to in the novel.

My favourite story was about two fifty-somethings who had a thing for S & M – how kinky?! I suppose you automatically presume that they wouldn’t be interested in something like that, but I say go for it. It was written in a comical way and not seedy, so you’ll definitely find it hilarious.

Rucksack Tales makes you feel three things:

Contentment – I don’t know why, but reading about how relaxed people are, calms me down too. Plus, as mentioned above, you can often bring a memory to the surface based on the tales, which is nice!
Giggly – when the naughty twist jumps at you, you often have a cheeky little giggle – I know I did when the kinky two got intimate!
Surprised – not only are there naughty twists, there are dark ones too – look out for them, they’re good!

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