Musings from a Novice Camper


Earlier this week I had the great pleasure of a trip to the Ullswater area — a favourite of mine and had a wonderful few days spent in the company of a good friend.

Once-upon-a-time I owned a luxurious three-bed-roomed caravan or mobile home as some people prefer to call them. Not now. I have a wee camper-van. Quite a wee one. A teeny-weeny one.

I’m not complaining as I know how lucky I am. BUT IT’S A BIT DIFFERENT! It is very much camping but under a tin roof. I’m not sure I like camping. Hmm? I may get used to it. I may not. It’s usually about 11pm when I question my whole reasoning. (My sanity) It goes something like this:


Why am I sitting in a field with load of people next to me when I could be at home in my nice comfy bed?

I think the vehicle is on a slope but I’m not going to move it now. I’ll probably run over someone’s tent!

Why do strangers want to park so closely? Surely, they too, come to The Lakes for peace and serenity? No? Oh well, I will just have to put up with their music, their coughing and their late night desire to do their dishes! Heck the cushions are pulling apart!

It’s lovely and warm in here (midnight approx). Maybe I’ll cope after-all?

 It’s ******* freezing in here! Why am I doing this? (4.35am) Why? I am a slug, a blue-pelleted one, having slipped downwards and into a corner, completely enveloped by my sleeping bag which is now tightened about my face to keep warm. I’ll suffocate! And this is August! In a van! (5.10am)

Now it’s too hot.

I’m never doing this again! That’s it I’ve had it! It’s not worth it. My back aches.Cheerful people are getting up FFS! (6.10am). Shut that dog up and be QUIET!




That’s how the brain works in camper-vans if you are a woman of a certain age and temperament. One minute I vow to buy an awning and all sorts of little plastic bits and pieces (little mini this and little mini that…oh the fun of it!) and the next…I’m thinking, ‘If I sell it, I could do B&B/hotels for years and still be in credit!’


Another hour later, the sun comes up and all is forgiven. Well…after a large bowl of cereal and a cup of tea…and a cup of coffee.




All was forgiven when a beautiful sunny day broke through mist and the fells were awash with colour. Sparkling water raised my spirits in seconds. Whoop! I was in The Lake District!  I could forgive Lakeland anything.



The White Lion at Patterdale en route to the steamers in Glenridding where we took a single to Howtown.



I was photo-bombed! Place Fell looks lovely as ever and it was great to see people being active or just sitting on the shore.

P1150023 P1150024P1150025P1150026P1150027 P1150029 P1150032 P1150033P1150035

Pikeawassa briefly came into view as did The Knight. Next stop: Beda Fell. I wanted to re-fresh my memory as I’ve written a rather dark tale set here. More to follow.

P1150038 P1150041 P1150043 P1150045 P1150047 P1150048 P1150049 P1150050 P1150052