Mince Pie Musings


Christmas is a heartbeat away now and on my last scoot around town the pavements were almost deserted. It was cold and getting dark but I had a peep in shop windows and saw some lovely imaginative displays and many caught my eye. The mannequin made me smile, I know some people get legless at Christmas but headless is not a good idea.


I particularly liked the snowman; he looks a good sort; so long as he doesn’t eat ALL the mince pies! I’m rather partial to one…or two. I guess I could be doing a lot of cycling after Christmas! I have heard your ‘average person’ eats about 7-8 mince pies over the season. That’s my quota in excess already, but if you can’t feast over Christmas, when can you?

The Post Office was looking cheerful and bright, the red certainly stands out this time of year. People were dashing in last minute to get parcels sent off to loved ones. It was certainly the busiest shop.

McCarthy’s salon looked warm and inviting. (I checked with my hairdresser Clair before I posted! I don’t want the scissors to slip next time). People were hard at work, tucked inside where it was warm.  I slipped around town feeling like an outsider looking in, which is what I was, but Nantwich is a welcoming little town and I defy anyone to feel on the outside for too long.

It was getting a bit too dark for an amateur snapper so apologies for the quality. I thought the church area was looking quite moody, perhaps a little spooky? I love how the light, or lack of it, can change a mood.

The last photo is of a display in someone’s home on Welsh Row. Well done whoever you are, it’s very pretty!

Season’s Greetings to you all. I hope your Christmas is a lovely, warm one, filled with plenty of cheer and excellent health wherever you may be. Enjoy those mince pies; we can be abstemious in January. Very best wishes, Jeanette.