You know you are a bit odd when you can’t decide whether you like Marmite or not…when you sit on the fence? It turns out a few years down the line that I really do like swabbing my (occasional) slice of toast with the gloopy brown stuff and knowing I get my dose of B vitamins into the bargain makes—it easier to indulge. Nom, nom, nom.  


Well, I’m a little bit like that over London. I certainly have a pride in our capital and I love the buzz, I enjoy the glitz and glamour, the hustle and bustle, red buses, black cabs and all the myriad colours of life and recently I was treated to a stay in Piccadilly. I love the architecture and lifestyle, and had a little treat and visited the posh shops…BUT (and it’s a big BUT), I’m always glad to leave it behind. I couldn’t live with it day in/day out. I can’t help think: it must be a lonely place having so much money – I wouldn’t know who to trust! Who my friends really were? Us girls can joke about never having too many handbags or shoes…but imagine being super-rich. Hold that thought. Surely it would become boring never having something to aspire to or work for?


Harrods was wonderful—just to look. Okay, so we all buy a few bits and pieces to walk out with a carrier bag saying: Look at me! I shop at Harrods!’ That’s the fun of the game! Their food halls are amazing, really quite beautiful in many respects. Fish and chips priced at £27 is a mere snip! So much choice makes my head spin when there is so much poverty not so far away. I’d recently passed people holding their hands out for change, but, this is the way of the world, the way London is and I can only hack it in small doses, so my visit was brief and wonderful. I didn’t do shows or musicals, I didn’t do bands or crowded places. I was there primarily for my birthday and I mooched along the Serpentine watching re-birth and renewal in the form of bird-life, blossoming trees and witnessed the gentle unfurling of flowers. The bulb-planting was a joy to see and the spring perfume was divine. It felt like balance was restored against our dashing, dancing, vibrant city—a stone chip away. What a fabulous resource we have in the heart of our capital!

Now, excuse me whilst I make some toast…