Hartsop to Home


On leaving The Priest’s Cave we clambered up through long grass to find the path up to Hart Crag. Sometimes it’s good to go ‘off piste’ but more often-than-not I hear myself mutter, I shouldn’t leave the path, and frequently do, but hey, it all adds to the fun. Especially on a red-hot day. It was late afternoon now and it was good to see people out enjoying the sunshine. I suspect most were doing the Fairfield Round. Hart Crag summit is stony and rough with jagged bits of rock protruding upwards. Just how it should be on a mountain! Our route back was down along Hartsop above How. The route to the pub!


Place Fell, Caudale and Angletarn Pikes were amongst the closer fells but it was one of those days where you can see for miles. And one of those days where you really just want to stay where you are forever. Except the pub was calling louder by now. It was an exceptionally hot day.


Brothers Water was looking blue and benign but I am reminded that it was once called Broad Water up until the 19th century when two brothers drowned there. Appearances can be deceptive. Caudale is another walk I must do again; its ridge is a fine one and passes by some interesting mine works. After the steep slope down to Cowbridge car park it was good to be on the flat path that runs alongside the water.


Although in terms of miles (eleven and a half) it wasn’t that long a walk, but we were very tired at the end of it and glad to reach the pub, The Brothers’ Water Inn, where we had a very good meal. The fish and chips were superb. Wainwright would have approved.

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