Frolics on Farleton


On leaving The Lakes a couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of walking Farleton Knott with a very good friend of mine. I had only been there once before and that was in Winter. Summer is a revelation!

Farleton Knott P1140892Farleton

What a beautiful place it is to explore. I suspect it is over-looked by many who are heading to The Lakes but if you get half a chance, visit this area of limestone boulders, pavements and crags situated on the eastern side of the M6, just south of J36. Take your picnic and make your way to the top. There is an abundance of flowers and butterflies.

FarletonFarleton Knott P1140897

On a silly note: I had the usual experience of what I shall now refer to as ‘space invaders’. After a lovely ramble over the rocks, my friend and I chose a space in the empty landscape and sat to admire the view. But where do these people come from? And why do they have the need to follow you and stop within three feet of you? It’s not as if we were on a summit! We had chosen a spot to admire the vista — that is all. Conversation was halted but being me, I saw the funny side of it and began to giggle silently (they were that close and well…it would have been rude to laugh out loud) I really did have tears falling down my cheeks and my friend and I couldn’t stop for a good few minutes.

Farleton Knott P1140902Farleton Knott

I guess it made for a memorable afternoon.

Farleton KnottFarleton Knott