First Blog: Nantwich Lake


Welcome to my very first blog. Those who know me know my passion is for walking in The Lake District, but in between racing up to Cumbria to get my fell fix, I run a walking group called ‘Cheshire Walking’. Of course, Cheshire is pretty flat so I thought I’d show you the best of my little town and plan to post pictures of places to see and hopefully you will feel at home if you visit.


A couple of days ago I cycled down to the local pond – it may even be big enough to be called a lake – (discuss another time!), the sun shone and it all looked very pretty. There is a road that runs along-side but it doesn’t disturb the peace. The light bouncing off the water was just lovely!


Nantwich Lake

Nantwich Lake


I chatted to a woman who regularly feeds the fowl – twice a day – which is admirable! There she was with a big bag full of titbits to share out. It’s lovely to know there are some kind people who care. I realised we had met earlier this year, along the canal, when she was putting up posters about the swans and their safety. Her name is Sarah.


Nantwich has a lot to offer. We regularly have a Food and Drink Festival, a Music/Jazz Festival and for a small town, there always seems to be something going on. Watch this space!