February Frustrations


I count myself a lucky bird. Okay, so I’ve had an on-going foot problem…but I’m still a lucky bird as I know my foot is getting better. February isn’t the best month for many, but at least it’s short and I managed to get away to The Lakes, staying in a beautiful ‘cottage called ‘Cheery Nook’ in Matterdale End. I can highly recommend it.

I wasn’t expecting to be able to walk anywhere and resigned myself to a hobble, but I did manage, with the encouragement of a friend, to get up Boredale Hause. I only have one photo of that day; it is of my friend Allie sitting on the Victorian bench waiting for me to stop faffing around. I was trying to set the camera to take the two of us, but it didn’t work. I had two poles and gloves on, there was a light drizzle so taking pics was NOT a priority, merely getting onto the fellside WAS.


We sat facing Boredale and were blown-away by the silence, the serenity and the sheer beauty of the place; neither of us spoke for quite a number of minutes. Wainwright would have been impressed! If he’d put money on it, it would have been touch and go.It had been a little while since I’d last been there and my story about the guy who died on Beda was fresh in my mind. It’s a good job the mist didn’t come down—I scare myself sometimes!

The rest of the pics are from my wander around Cheery Nook. Some of you know I have a particular fondness for (the much ignored) Little Mell Fell and so I was happy to amble via the soggy field below the cottage to take photos of that ‘wee pudding shape’ and a few of the more respected Gowbarrow.

There is so much promise out there, little hints of the next season, like the spotting of snowdrops which is always inspiring and the pink blossom on the shrub in the garden. (Viburnum???) I loved the hedgehog house (I think that’s what it was!) and the bird house tucked into the wall. Oh yes, and the house-leeks that look like they are clinging together for warmth. What a back-drop they have of LMF. Lucky house-leeks.


On leaving the area I took a few photos of Pooley Bridge; the repair work continues after storm Desmond. Changes are afoot, but it still makes me sad to see scars of destruction after nature threw a wobbly. The next season will hide some of those scars, but I doubt locals and those who lost trade, business or homes will ever forget the rising waters and the day the bridge was swept away. Onward with spring I say.