December Sunday



A distraction was needed. I was focusing too much on my dodgy foot and knew if I didn’t get out—there would be trouble! So the bike it had to be. Most things don’t go according to plan do they? I pulled my ‘trusty steed’ out of the shed and give it a quick once-over. It was fine, except the rear tyre was soft. Why is it that those silly little thingymagig valves always get stuck? Air did not want to go in! I gave it a squirt of WD40 but it was in a stubborn mood and wouldn’t give. It probably wasn’t the best idea to go out on the bike there and then but I really was desperate and I figured the tyre wasn’t overly-low. Maybe I could get away with it?


 Ah…I was certainly rewarded with some lovely colours on my scoot around the lanes and canal-side. Our common, often over-looked mallards were resplendent in their iridescent balaclavas. Fabulous! As you can see, it was quite icy and passing boats really were crunching through as they passed.


I cycled for an hour. I do love my bike…but dislike traffic. Maybe I need a mountain bike again? I used to have one but it was a cheap one from Halford’s and ended up in re-cycling heaven (what a great pun! RE-CYCLING. Oh never mind…)

I stopped and looked at the naked trees and the washed-out fields of sticky-stalks. I took in the bright blue sky and the green of next year’s crops and breathed. In, out, breathe. I was reminded of childhood. I was always fond of colour and was drawn (oh here we go again with puns) to certain crayons in my Crayola packet. I could never decide whether I preferred green or blue best…I still have that same dilemma.



Nature is wonderful isn’t it? Just going out for an hour on my bike restored my equilibrium. Until I can walk again I shall post from two-wheels. Happy days.