C2C Stage 3: Rosthwaite to Grasmere


ROSTHWAITE NATIONAL TRUST car park was full when we arrived even though the area appeared quiet. I was surprised seeing a topless bus coming down the road, I didn’t know they had them in the area. Twenty-four hours earlier the weather was quite different and business would have been a wash-out!



We chose a beautiful day to walk this section of the C2C and we were lucky because of the hard rain previously it meant waterfalls were in full-flow; everywhere was sparkly and fresh



It’s a lovely path alongside Stonethwaite Beck and up towards Eagle Crag. I didn’t realise there was a campsite here; it looks a great place to pitch-up.




Lunch by the beck and Sheila tried out her new poles. I think she likes them.



 The path up.                                                            All that fabulous rock!              The ‘pointy bit’ up past the cairn was our next place to aim for.



Carefully does it Sheila!




I love how the landscape changes. You reach the top of one section and suddenly before you is a completely different vista. The drumlins are wonderful aren’t they? The next obvious landmark was Lining Crag where we stopped and had coffee. I knew my friend Shirley was keeping an eye out for us as she was somewhere in the vicinity and we had a loose arrangement to meet. I wasn’t surprised to find out later that she’d spotted us and zoomed in with her camera…always something to bear in mind when nature calls!



The Greenup Edge area was quite boggy, as expected. The first time I did it in mist and I had a new and basic Garmin I’d just bought. Prior to the C2C I did a short course in how to use it but I wasn’t experienced with it and was glad when a loose group of people began to form. There was much muttering, disagreeing and stabbing of maps. I was just glad they were there, but when they noticed I had a GPS they pounced like I was the Messiah! With cobbled together knowledge we managed to pick our way across. It was May but pretty cold. I still have that little yellow Garmin with a few spare batteries. It sits there in the bottom of my rucksack, it’s there if ever I need it, but I don’t think I’ve switched it on in a long time. I prefer to use a map but if I’m not 100% sure I check my position with my phone. I love how apps can pinpoint exactly where you are so quickly! It’s always gratifying to know you are where you thought you were! If you know what I mean.




This day was a ‘completely different kettle of fish’ being relatively sunny, but wide detours were needed, simply because of the amount of rainfall the day before. Something to bear in mind if you have leaky boots! I’m coming up for new ones but thankfully my feet kept dry.

I spotted a little shape on High Raise and knew it was Shirley! She was down in no time, being the sprightly thing she is, and the three of us were able to set off together as Sheila wanted to collect three more Wainwright’s en route: Calf Crag, Gibson Knott and Helm Crag. A happy trio made their way down to Grasmere.







Is that me on the summit?

You know it is!