C2C Ennerdale to Rosthwaite



Ennerdale to Rosthwaite

2nd Stage




How beautiful is that shoreline? I think it’s enticing – even a little mist up ahead isn’t off-putting.   Looking up at the Pinnacles, (Wainwright mentions them in his C2C Walk), I just hope nothing decides to roll downwards!   The view from Robin Hoods Chair (it was a bit early for him needing a sit down methinks!)



There are still clouds up-head but we press on to the end of the lake and take a look back.   In my mind I divided the walk into four sections (which was useful for dividing up fluid in particular). This was the end of section 1- Ennerdale, (basically to the end of the lake). Section 2 was the walk to Black Sail Hut. 3 is The Hut to Honister and 4, all the way to Rosthwaite.  We had a coffee break at the River Leza. It was really beginning to warm up now and I was glad I’d packed some travel wipes which were refreshing.



One of me posing outside the hostel.   The valley is changing, so many trees have been felled and many logs are stacked ready to be transported.  The Mighty Pillar! What a wonderful mountain it is. I must do it again soon!




It’s a long path to Black Sail Hut but we were grateful for the shade as the temperature continued to rise. It’s a bit of a slog but it isn’t difficult. I’ve always got time for a Herdy pic; they are so obliging.



Look at this one smiling for the camera! Almost at the hut. Yay, it’s in sight and I will soon be able to eat! It seems to be the place most people try and reach before having lunch and the chaffinches are on to a good thing having plenty of crumbs to pick up afterwards. It’s a shame the toilets are not open though and I could see many people trying the doors. Surely a donation box would help pay for paper etc? Perhaps there is another reason for them being closed, perhaps the sewage system can’t cope or something?



This little lamb is looking at me rather suspiciously, probably deservedly so. It was time to go up Loft Beck, but it was so hot we could only do so many steps at a time before stopping and taking a breather. Again, water had to be strictly rationed as it turned out to be a very hot day and more was needed. The pics don’t do justice to how hot it was.   On one of the rest stops I noticed my boots were splitting.   We’ve just come up this rocky path and I’m NOT showing you the pic of us looking all hot and bothered. No. Delete, delete, delete!



The very lovely Haystacks is now in sight and my thoughts turn to Wainwright.   The views open up even though they are a bit hazy today.    The third pic is the route down to Honister where we were able to buy ice-cream and water…they didn’t have that when I first did it 😉



Down we go.   After Honister, we head along the path to Rosthwaite, passing the lovely (and beautifully named) Bessy Boot.   The pub awaits. No picture of The Scawfel? I guess I must have been thirsty!