Rucksack Tales

Rucksack Tales
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Paperback
Length: 134
ASIN: 1537409573
ISBN: 9781537409573

Rucksack Tales are a mixed bag of stories set mainly in the English Lake District. I think of them being a bit like a box of chocolates - some dark, some light and some are very  fruity! Others are just nutty and you may wonder why they are in the box at all, but it's all down to humour and how broad-minded you are.  Dip in, lick those lips and savour! You could read them all in one go, but don't blame me if it makes you queasy!

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About the Book

I get a buzz when I read about a place I’ve visited – especially if it’s a place I would like to return to and hope you do too when you read through the pages. There is something quite exciting about settling into a book when you can visualise just where the character is! Many of the stories are set in the Ullswater area which, if pushed, I would say is my favourite. The Lake District attracts more than 12 million people a year and is renowned for its landscape: the lakes, the dales, the mountains and moorlands, the villages. They all contribute to the stunning scenery which covers 880 square miles and makes it the largest of Britain’s National Parks.

The photos were taken by me except for two: that of me sitting on a rock (looking a little too much like a Buddha!) and the close-up of iced-over grass were taken by my good friend, Shirley Knight, who deserves the credit.