A Bimble up Beda


Monday 15th August was a beautiful fine day, in fact, it was rather hot. Never-the-less we set off from Howtown, up the snaking road towards the base of Hallin Fell. The expression ‘Mad dogs and English women’ kept entering my head.

P1150065 P1150067P1150068 P1150069P1150073P1150071

It was a glorious day in Lakeland but even the sheep were seeking shade and water.How pretty is this cottage with its Victorian post box still in use? Wonderful isn’t it? We passed here on our way down to cross the bridge at Howegrain Beck.

P1150076 P1150077 P1150078 P1150079P1150078 P1150079 P1150080 P1150083P1150084

The bracken is high at the moment and my friend and I were well aware of tics: nasty creatures, but we pushed on and the views really opened up.

P1150085 P1150086 P1150087 P1150090P1150091 P1150092 P1150093 P1150094 P1150095

I hadn’t been on Beda for about a year and wanted to re-fresh my memory with the lie of the land as one of my stories: Beda’s Silence is set close to the summit. I think the picture of the ‘shelter’ inspired me to write the rather grim tale of the guy who thought of ending his life there. Did he die or not? All will be revealed soon. 

P1150096P1150097 P1150098

It was great to see High Street, The Nab and Place Fell looking fabulous. Very few people walk Beda, so if you want solitude: it’s the place to head for.

P1150099 P1150100P1150101 P1150102 P1150103 P1150104

The path alongside Place Fell heading up to Boredale Hause can clearly be seen here.

P1150106P1150109 P1150110

This is a favourite path of mine and one I know well – the route down from Boredale Hause to Patterdale, with a close up of the White Lion.

P1150112 P1150113P1150114

A rather beautiful roof I think and the still-looking waters that flow into Ullswater from Goldrill Beck.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day.